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How your children become empowered when you are empowered

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I know you want to do everything in your power to create the best possible outcome for your children.  But sometimes you get too focused on your children. Then you get overwhelmed and stressed and end up saying and doing things that don’t align with your ideal values. One of my main goals as a Parent Empoweror is to help you recognise that in order to be the best parent that you can, you need to look after yourself and invest in the things that empower you to be your best. I strongly believe that mothers set the tone for their househould. If you’re feeling empowered, this will flow on to your family.

I’m not saying you need to be perfect and always in control, that’s impossible. But, if you can start to empower yourself you’ll be more able to recognise the needs of your children and start responding to their needs rather than their behaviours. Which will have the most empowering effect on your children that you could hope for.

Empowering effects of an Empowered Mum on her children

Learn how to handle their emotions

If as a mother, you can provide a safe space for your children to feel and express their big emotions your child will learn that it is ok to have these emotions. They will learn to experience their emotions and recognise what their emotions are telling them about their experience in the world. They will also feel safe in expressing themselves and their emotions and therefore feel more comfortable and confident in themselves.

Gain confidence

When a mother can consistently identify and address their child’s need the child will feel safe and secure. This will allow them to develop high self-esteemand a positive outlook on life. Knowing that they are loved and appreciated for who they are also develops their confidence.

 Know how to behave

Mothers who know and are focused on their values are consistent in their parenting. This translates to clear rules and boundaries that are reliably enforced. Children are very switched on. Particularly when it comes to observing their parents and working out the rules. They look to us to see what is and isn’t ok. If we are clear on this ourselves then we can be consistent in how we communicate it to our children and they will understand what we expect from them.

Your child really does want to please you. If they understand what you expect from them and they consistently get feedback from you that shows you appreciate them and their efforts to do the right thing, they will behave appropriately.

Develop strong relationships with their parents and others

Empowered parents invest in their relationship with their children. They spend time enjoying activities with their child. As a result, the child learn to appreciate themselves as someone others enjoy spending time with. They also feel more bonded to their parents as they see that the parent values them and is willing to invest their time in them.

As they continue to express their emotions and have their needs met they feel safe in relationsips which empowers them to be open and form stronger relationships with their siblings and friends that are more likely to stand the test of time. Furthermore, because they understand their emotions, they are likely to be kind to others.

Become problem solvers

As your children see you working through issues, they see that problems can be overcome.  They learn problem solving from you. Which in turn teaches them that their own problems can be solved. Then they learn to find and implement appropriate strategies to overcome them. They will also turn to you when they have problems because they have seen that you know how to handle problems.

I hope you’ve found these tips encouraging. They were inspired by my learnings from a Circle of Security Parenting course that I did a couple of years ago. You can learn more about Circle of Security by visiting their website. If you’re feeling inspired to become an Empowered Parent I would love to speak to you. Please contact me for a free Empowerment session.

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