Tips on How To Get Pregnant

How to get Pregnant
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How to get Pregnant

It is a matter of great happiness for a woman to give birth to a child, and she waits a lot for this day. However, the condition of pregnancy is not sudden and there is a considerable amount of calculation in it. To be pregnant, your fertilization should be well for that you should calculate your periodic cycle and follow it accordingly.

Also, before having physical relation to become pregnant, think carefully about whether or not you actually want to give birth to a child. People with the problem of infertility should consult the doctor and other ways of getting pregnant should be used. Nowadays due to the change in lifestyle, the level of fertility of men and women has decreased considerably. Also, most of the couples who establish unprotected sex; the woman is more likely to become pregnant. Women who do not have a problem of reproduction can get pregnant by following these simple methods of getting pregnant mentioned below.
However, before we tell you in details how to get pregnant, you need to know the factors responsible for not being pregnant, let’s have a look at the factors-

1. Egg quality
2. Blocked Ovary Tubes
3. Abnormal hormone levels
4. Lifestyle
5. Sexually transmitted disease
6. Obesity
7. Trouble in sperm production – very little sperm or not at all
8. Drinking, Drugs & Smoking – Alcohol, Drugs & Cigarette Smoking
9. Environmental poisoning such as insecticides

Now, let us know about different methods for getting pregnant-

Instructions for getting pregnant

To be pregnant, the couple needs to keep themselves tension free. Having stress can lead to problems in getting pregnant.
The right time should be detected by using kits that know the timing of ovulation for women. LH increases in urine 24-36 hours prior to ovulation and this time it is beneficial for getting pregnant for women.
To be pregnant, men should not exercise much, should not take tub bath with hot water and should not wear more tight undergarments.

Natural ways to get pregnant fast

If a woman doesn’t get pregnant even after a long time, medical advice is required. It requires some medicines that promote your pregnancy opportunities. Some of the natural methods mentioned below are not expensive. Use of these methods on regular basis increases possibility of getting pregnant.

During sexual intercourse, the physical condition of the couple should be such that the man can establish a close relationship with the woman. After the relation, the woman must be lying on her back for 15 minutes so that the sperm of the male can reach the seed of the woman.
If you want to be pregnant, immediately stop the use of contraceptive pills.
By looking at the appropriate time of menstruation, time for body contact can be decided.
Men and women need to follow a healthy lifestyle. Stop taking drugs and alcohol.
Sperm in the body of the woman lives for a few days. Therefore, having a relationship often helps in getting pregnant.

Tips for Being Pregnant

Some women easily get pregnant, while for some women it is very difficult. However, by following the below mentioned tips the possibilities are better for a woman to get pregnant.

Seeds inside a woman body are available for fertilization for 12-24 hours while sperm can survive for 3 to 5 days. Therefore, in the upcoming menstruation period after 28 days, it can be used for the first 11 to 21 days.
Having a physical relationship often is an easy way to become pregnant. A condition in the body where sperm can easily reach the seed helps such a situation in order to get pregnant soon.
It is very important for couples to be stress-free if they want to conceive. The chances of pregnancy are more likely to increase if the couple gets into sexual intercourse with relaxation rather than being stress free.
However, if you try these methods and don’t succeed in conceiving, then it is important to consult the gynecologist.

Losing Weight To Get Pregnant

Often, due to excessive weight, women have problems in conceiving. They have a lot of trouble giving birth to the child too, because in this process, fat stored in their body becomes an obstacle. Therefore it is very important for both men and women to be healthy to give birth to a child. Women with overweight are more likely to have infertility problems. Therefore, women should try to reduce their weight by exercising for 2 to 3 months before trying to conceive.

Stay Away From Chemicals

Women working in factories and laboratories are exposed to harsh chemicals daily. Those working in industries of printing factories and pesticide industries for crops can also face the problem of infertility. Once you have decided to conceive, please stay away from the chemicals. If possible, change your profession or take leave for pre and post pregnancy. This will save both your fertility and child.

Avoiding Stress

Nowadays, most people are victims of stress, and this is probably the reason for the decline of pregnancy levels. Everyone undergo the burden of work and stress all day. In addition to the effects in the brain, it also causes problems in the hormones produced in the body. So stay away from stress and try to be happy before taking a decision to conceive. You should reduce your stress while thinking about your child. Try to remove the cause of concern.

Repeat The Sex Process

Intercourse is a unique and pleasurable way of bringing the child to the world. Some people in the way of pregnancy can’t perform adequate sex work due to work pressure and other associated causes. But if you want a child and once you do not have any benefit from sex then keeping in mind the fertilizing days repeated reactions of sex will be very important. Menstrual cycle of women is 28 to 30 days, out of which on the 14th day they live in the most fertile state. You should also be aware that life of ovum lasts only 24 to 36 hours. Therefore, you should choose the time around this day for the action of sexuality. By this time indulging in sex increases the chances of pregnancy. You can also check pregnancy from the urine test kit available at the medicines shops after sexual intercourse.

Taking Balanced Diet

When you want to conceive, at that time you should also pay a lot of attention to your diet. Make a balanced diet that contains adequate amounts of protein, minerals and other nutritious substances, so that the process of pregnancy is expedited. Always try to eat nutritious food, so that you can easily give birth to the child without any problem. You may also include other supplements and micro nutrients in your diet.

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