Pain in legs is quite common in third trimester, here’s how you can alleviate it

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The third trimester of your pregnancy is a difficult phase for you and an important growing stage for your baby. The child you are going to welcome into this world soon is going to remind you about just how pregnant you are through insomnia and pain in almost all the parts of your body from your hips to your stomach to your legs. In fact, leg pain is very common in the third trimester of pregnancy and there are many ways of alleviating this pain.

You might experience leg cramping or pain in your leg in your third trimester due to excessive phosphorus and too little calcium in the body. As your baby grows in size during the last phase of your pregnancy and you are increasingly inactive, it becomes essential for you to make sure you are consuming the correct amount of folic acid and iron and are upto date with your prenatal vitamins. The legs, ankles and feet will be sore and swollen and the pain in the leg might cause twitching at night and could cause an interrupted sleep.

Keeping your legs elevated will help in the circulation of your body and will also relieve the leg pain. It is also recommended to keep your leg on a pillow or on an elevated surface so that gravity can pull the blood towards your heart and hence reduces the pain or swelling. Approximately twenty minutes of doing so can provide substantial amount of relief.

Another way to relieve yourself of the leg pain that might be experienced is through massages of the sore legs. This will increase the general circulation in the body and enable good blood flow. A good massage also reduces swelling or puffiness in the sore leg muscles that might be cramping or causing pain. Massages with special oils can help with the leg pain and will also avoid your skin from getting too dry.

Also, certain light exercises for your leg can help to alleviate your leg pain during the third trimester. The inflammation or swelling in the leg or ankles will reduce as you perform simple exercises to maintain general mobility levels of the body. These exercises will also increase your blood circulation.

Leg pain might be due to tightness in the muscles. The tight feeling in the muscles that could cause pain and insomnia to expectant mothers can be reduced by stretching your hamstrings and calves in the legs where the pain is experienced.

These simple home remedies can be easily done at the convenience and comfort of your own house and will definitely provide significant amounts of relief from the leg pain that might be caused in the end months of your pregnancy.

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