No booze no problem? Here’s a list of yummy mocktail recipes that all pregnant women can enjoy

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Now that you are pregnant, you might have to pass interesting cocktails but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some delicious mocktails. This blog is for all those women who are pregnant or trying to conceive or are nursing and can’t enjoy booze for some time. Go ahead and try these yummy and refreshing mocktail recipes:

1)     Rose lemon spritzer


·       Rose water- 2 tbsp

·       Fresh lemon juice- 2 tbsp

·       Honey- 2 tbsp

·       Pomegranate juice- 1 tbsp

·       Sparkling water- ¾ cup

·       Fresh roses – to garnish


·       In a cocktail shaker, combine rose water, fresh lemon juice, honey, pomegranate juice and fill it with ice

·       Shake it well until everything is well combines

·       Pour the mixture in a glass

·       Enjoy

2)     Kiwi lychee mocktail


·       Kiwi sliced- 1

·       Water- 250 ml

·       Lychee syrup- 3 tbsp

·       Lime juice- 2 tbsp

·       Soda water- 250 ml

·       Lemon wedge- 1


·       In a mixing glass, add kiwi slices and press several times

·       Now add water, lychee syrup, lime juice and mix them all well

·       Add ice and soda water and shake vigorously

·       Now add lime mixture and pour in a glass

·       Garnish with a lemon wedge

3)     Watermelon mojito


·       Seedless watermelon chunks – 4 cups

·       Lemon lime soda- 1 cup

·       Fresh lime juice- ¼ cup

·       Fresh mint- 1 ½ tsp


·       In a blender, puree the watermeon chunks

·       Pour Half of this watermelon puree in icecube tray and let it freeze

·       Now in a blender, add the cubes, remaining puree, lemon lime soda, lime juice and blend

·       Blend the mixture until smooth

·       Add in fresh mint and serve in a glass

·       Enjoy

4)     Strawberry mocktail


·       Lemonade- 2 cups

·       Crushed ice- 1 ½ cups

·       Frozen strawberries- ½ cup

·       Fresh strawberry- to garnish


·       In a blender, blend all the ingredients together until smooth

·       Now pour the mix into a glass

·       Garnish with a fresh strawberry

·       Enjoy your fruity mocktail

5)     Fruity Sangria


·       Pomegranate juice- 1 ltr

·       Mango juice- 1 cup

·       Orange- 1 sliced

·       Pear- 1 sliced


·       In a large jug, mix together pomegranate juice and mango juice

·       Add sliced orange and pear

·       Put the mixture in the fridge

·       Once chilled, pour in a glass

·       Garnish with orange slice

·       Enjoy

6)     Virgin Mojito


·       Fresh mint sprigs- 4

·       Lime juice- 2 tbsp

·       Caster sugar- 2 tsp

·       Soda water -1 cup

·       Lime – for garnishing


·       In a large mixing jug, add all the ingredients and give it a nice mix

·       Serve in a highball glass

·       Garnish with a slice of lime and mint

·       Enjoy the virgin drink

7)     The virgin mary


·       Salt- 1 tsp

·       Lime juice- 1 tsp

·       Lemon juice- 1 tsp

·       Hot sauce- ½ tsp

·       Tomato juice- ½ cup

·       Crushed ice

·       Lemon wedge for garnishing


·       Place the rim of the glass in lime juice and dip it into sea salt

·       Fill the glass with crushed ice and add lemon juice, hot sauce, tomato juice

·       Give it a nice stir

·       Pour the drink in a glass and garnish with a lime wedge

·       Enjoy your drink

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