Natural Teething Remedies for Babies that are quite Effective

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Babies go through tumultuous suffering during their teething periods and become increasingly irritable and the journey is agonizing for both the parent and the child. Children become cranky, lack appetite, are unable to sleep because of the pain in the gums and develop fever and even motions during this period. If your child is suffering from all these problems then here are a few natural remedies for you to deal with teething.

1) Controlling Inflammation: Inflammation diet such as white foods, potatoes, and dairy foods too, should be completely cut down as they cause major swelling of the blood vessels and that is already hurting the child, It’s best to give your kid fresh fruits and vegetables that are boiled or mashed to suit the baby’s teething. Parents can also give smoothies made with frozen fruits, cold yogurt, or a cold banana on a stick. Cool foods will help reduce inflammation of the gums and will soothe the pain.

Lower stress and Increase rest: Make sure baby is getting enough rest and eating healthy foods in addition to breast milk or formula because a tired baby makes for a stressed baby and that increases inflammation as well as irritability.

Balancing blood sugar: To balance blood sugar, work on eating less or no highly processed foods and focus on eating whole foods instead. This makes your baby’s blood sugar normalized and in turn, makes their inflammation reduce increasingly.

2) Cold Compresses

There are certain cold compresses you can use on the baby’s teeth to soothe the pain.

•   refrigerated fruits or veggies- Let baby chew on the cold foods or veggies. The cold veggies and fruits will help numb the gum and reduce pain and inflammation.

You may also give a refrigerate pacifier or a teether but don’t put a pacifier in the freezer since it can hurt the baby’s gums.

•   A cold spoon

3) Teething Biscuits and Toys

•   Silicone teething rings – manufactured from safe silicone, instead of latex or plastic, this teether may be a safe alternative.

Baby with soother

Wooden teethers: What works for one baby might not work for another, thus if silicone and rubber don’t get it on, attempt a wood teether. The texture may well be good for your baby. Simply remember that teethers like this one got to be oiled or (bees)waxed before use.

Apart from these, the old textbook methods like cold compresses and frozen cloths work like magic on the kid, reduces inflammation and pain, and also provides relief. Teething toys are obvious. Teething biscuits may also help and are very important. Maintain the child’s immune system because fevers may break out and it’s not an easy sight!

Apart from that just sit back and don’t fuss. Your child is teething and it’s an important phase of the life, make the most of it by helping the baby through the process and keep him happy and bustling with joy!

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