My daughter, my angel

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Soaring to the skies on the Ferris wheel,
Galloping in the meadows on the carousel,
The glint in thy eyes, thy laugh and thy squeal,
Caressed by the wind, enjoying the feel
Pure passion flowing free, unadulterated zeal.

Eyes full of mischief, your touch oh-so kind,
A fondness so chaste, is so hard to find,
At work or at play, with you on my mind,
Each breath and each beat, to thee I consigned,
Is it true what they say, have I gone blind?

A hand around my finger, and holdin’ on tight,
As you fall asleep, flowing into the night,
Dreams filled with angels, and creatures of light,
I sit by your side, and try as I might,
Can’t help but stare at thee, till the sky’s alight.

Just careless and free, a soul full of fun,
Oh thee, my beloved, as bright as the sun,
You weigh merely kilos, but our love’s a tonne,
I know one day I won’t be the only one,
If you ever need a hug, you know where to run.

Times a-flyin’ by, you’re growing too fast,
It’s been a whole year to your life’s start,
Rattles and teether’s are things of the past,
In your hands you hold, the key to my heart,
You’re awesome, amazing, a true work of art.

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