Medical terms and their meanings that every pregnant woman should know about

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As you prepare your body to get ready for pregnancy, you must understand the journey you are about to begin. Though the pregnancy is just a nine months process of bringing a child into the world, it is a notably crucial period of time and could significantly affect your baby for the rest of their lives.

During these nine months, you will have to regularly meet up with your doctor to keep regular checks on your health as well as the health of your unborn baby. During these doctor visits as well as at home you might come across several medical jargons that you don’t know the meaning of. Don’t panic, there is always time to learn. Don’t let any doctors or local aunties daunt you. Here are some general medical terms and their meanings that you might come across during your pregnancy and that every pregnant woman should know about.


Some women tend to opt for epidural, which is a certain type of anaesthesia that can be taken to reduce feeling of pain during the process of childbirth and thus provides the mother with some relief during labor.

Birth canal

Doctors and other members of your medical team might often refer to your “birth canal”, which can basically be described as the various parts of your body, namely, the uterus, the cervix, the vulva, and the vagina; through which the baby will pass.

Induced Labour

When the medical team or your doctor requires to induce or stimulate artificial labor by the process of breaking the amniotic sac or through certain drugs it is called Induced Labor. It is sometimes done when the babies are more than two weeks past their due date.


Most women might know of the “umbilical cord”. The umbilical cord joins the baby and the placenta, which is an organ inside of your uterus that acts as the only source of nourishment for your baby to grow.


This can be defined as a medical condition that affects the pregnant woman when her blood pressure is high which if went unmonitored by the obs could lead to convulsions, coma or even death.

Premature birth

Sometimes your baby might come earlier than you or your doctor anticipated. Usually, these babies are at risk to many medical conditions and have to be kept in Natal Intensive Care Unit for a while after the birth.


You might hear the word trimester pop up in many conversations about your pregnancy. There are basically three trimesters and they are representative of a period of time or duration of your pregnancy that certain general symptoms and stages. Each trimester represents the three months of the pregnancy when the baby is at a different stage of growth at each phase.

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