Hospital bag checklist- what to pack in your hospital bag

After the long wait for nine months to finally meet your little one, the time is finally here for you to check yourself into the hospital and come back as a family. Preparing for parenthood and childbirth is daunting, if not really difficult, but completely worth it. Do not panic about your hospital trip and don’t forget to pack your hospital bag for your stay. Here is a hospital bag checklist that you can follow while packing your hospital bag.

Medical records

It is best to keep copies of your medical records, birthing plans or case history in your hospital bag for the perusal of your doctor. Do not forget your Identity card for registration in the hospital.

Snacks and drinks

The process of giving birth can be a prolonged one and might take some considerable amount of time. You should carry some comfort food with you for after delivery or before as per the suggestions by your medical supervisor. You can also consume isotonic drinks to maintain energy while in labor.

Pillows and towels

You can carry pillows and several clean towels to help you during the process of childbirth. Hospitals often don’t have an adequate number of either and hence carrying some from home can help you while you are in labor and also while breastfeeding your baby after.


New mothers might get cold feet quite literally as many mothers tend to feel cold in their feet during labor and hence prefer to have socks on during the duration. Socks should be a must-have in your hospital bag.


You should carry all your toiletries such as your toothbrush, hairbrush, lip balms, face wipes, etc. You can also consider taking some maternity pads even though hospitals provide them as post delivery, you can experience heavy bleeding for some time.

Comfortable clothing

Your hospital bag must have ample clothing that you require for your stay in the hospital which is extremely loose and comfortable. Many women like to use bathrobes for this situation. You should have enough comfortable clothes for before and after delivery.

Nursing gowns or nursing bras

It is best to get hold of a nursing bra or nursing gowns for your breastfeeding sessions with your little one. You might be feeling a little tired after the entire process and the nursing gowns and bras can come in really handy and help in the whole process of breastfeeding your newborn baby. You should also have enough maternity clothes with you to wear home from the hospital so that you are absolutely comfortable.

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