Home remedies to cure itchy belly during pregnancy

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No feeling in this world could match up or describe what it feels like to grow another human being, your own child inside you. As beautiful as pregnancy might be, the long nine months come with its own share of problems and side effects. Besides morning sickness and backaches, another common thing that expecting mothers experience is itchy bellies during pregnancy. Though not a medical problem, this itching on the stomach could be a very difficult thing to handle for the mother. This itching could be because of hormonal changes in the body or due to the obvious weight gain that will be experienced in the abdominal region. As the skin expands and stretches, the surface of the folds of the skin becomes dry and might cause itching. There are several tried and tested homely tricks for subsiding the itching sensation and provide some extent of relief to the expectant mother

Aloe Vera: The plant is known for its healing properties and will provide significant relief to itchy areas that might arise on your body. You can apply an aloe vera gel, either store brought or directly from the plant if you have access to one, twice a day as a remedy for itchy belly during your pregnancy.

Calamine Lotion: One of the commonly prescribed remedies for itching or inflammation that might be caused on the skin is calamine lotion that has zinc oxide and ferric oxide. These have antiseptic and anti-itching qualities.

Apply Cold Compressions: Cold compressions should be applied to the abdominal region or the belly area where you are experiencing the itching. The application of cold presses to your belly will help to reduce any inflammation that might be present on your skin due to stretching of the skin or hormonal changes.

Coconut Oil: The application of coconut oil on your abdominal area or the area in the belly where the stomach has stretched as the baby grows will help to reduce any inflammation or itching. You should apply extra virgin coconut oil on your stomach at least twice a day to get some relief from the itching.

Lemon Juice: The application of lemon juice to the affected area where it itches on your belly is also useful. Just put a concentrate of lemon juice. The citric acid in lemons along with the high content of Vitamin C helps to maintain the normal pH level of your skin so that the itching or inflammation that might be caused by pregnancy, eventually subsides.

All in all, the itching or redness that can be experienced on the belly during pregnancy is quite normal and can be subsided through home remedies such as staying hydrated, moisturizing the skin regularly, reducing salt intake in your diet, avoiding hot water baths that reduce natural body moisture, using more comfortable clothes, etc.

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