Here’s how you can bond with your unborn baby

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The anticipation of having a baby is one of the greatest experiences of life. It is an exciting time and despite the usual jitters, the excitement to meet your child can be quite overwhelming.

Luckily for you, you might not have to wait for nine months to start bonding with your son or daughter. Here are some of the ways in which you can bond with your unborn baby

Talk to your baby

After the gestation period of about twenty weeks, your little baby can hear you inside the womb if you talk to him or her. Babies also have a tendency to recognize the mother’s voice outside of the womb which helps in bonding. You can read aloud to the baby bump or sing to it as you wish to help the baby get familiar with the sound of your voice.


Massaging your baby bump with oils such as lavender, rose, etc can help you get relaxed and comfortable and can also help you bond better with your baby. You can start these massages at the very onset of the pregnancy.


Play the baby your favorite tunes

Research shows that babies are able to recognize sounds and rhythms from inside the womb and playing music can help the baby and you bond better. Music that resembles the mother’s heartbeat, that is, music which is rhythmic and has strong beats can be soothing to your baby.

Respond to their kicks

The only form of communication that you will have with your baby for the first nine months since their conception would be restricted to inside the stomach and the only real way of feeling your baby inside is through the kicking which generally starts off at week fifteen or twenty depending on mother to mother and child to child. Responding to the kicks through talking in soothing voices or gentle massages can help you bond better with your unborn baby. At week twenty-six of the gestation period, your baby is able to respond via the massages on your belly and can move around as a response to the touching.

During the course of your pregnancy, you can take long walks, hot baths and enjoy relaxing massages while developing a better bond with the baby who’s arrival you are looking forward to so much. Music, good food and positive vibes will help create an atmosphere of love and comfort for you and for your baby to bond and get closer.

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