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When back-to-school spells stress for parents & children

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Although the weather is still quite warm out – there is a certain something in the air that just tells you it’s almost time for back-to-school. Making the transition back to school from the carefree days of summer can be quite a change for kids and parents alike. Not everyone who homeschools takes a summer break, but we did this year. It is a time for us to reassess the year and see what needs to be implemented in the coming year. Whether you are gearing up to start the new school year at home or headed back to school – it can be a trying time and it’s good to have resources to turn to when you need them.

For our family, starting the school year will be a little more challenging than usual. We homeschool, so the kids do not have the stress and anxiety that may come with the first day of a new school or dealing with new teachers – however, our house recently flooded and is torn apart from top to bottom in over half of our house, including the school room. We will have to buy new desks, books & curriculum, and many other things that were destroyed. I am sure that the kids won’t mind spreading out amongst the house to do their schoolwork, but staying on task in such disarray WILL be difficult.

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