A list of healthy foods to eat to induce labour naturally

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Are you in your 37th week of pregnancy and still no contractions? Well, we are introducing some foods that might help induce labour contractions. Although some feel that inducing labour through food is just an old wives tales but for many women these foods have actually worked to get them to labour room. So let’s take a look at them:

1)      Spicy food- There have been cases where women who ate spicy foods during late pregnancy went into the labour room because spicy food thoroughly stimulates the digestive system. Also the hormone produced during the consumption of spicy food, prostaglandin, gets things going.

2)     Pineapple- Eating fresh pineapple really helps in inducing contractions in the late pregnancy. Fresh pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain which is not easily found elsewhere and this bromelain helps to soften the cervix and stimulate the smooth muscles and start labour

3)     Green papaya- Raw green papaya contains the enzyme papin in abundance and the leaves of papaya contain latex which acts as prostaglandin and oxytocin the help in starting contractions. As the papaya starts ripening, the papin gets lost which is why it is better to eat raw papaya to induce labour

4)     Black liquorice- Glycyrrhizin present in black liquorice helps to stimulate the production of prostaglandins that causes contractions in the uterus thus starting labour.

5)     Garlic- Garlic stimulates the bowel and empties them which helps in starting labour and which is why garlic is another popular food to induce labour contractions

6)     Red raspberry leaf tea- The herbal tea has been observed to stimulate contractions and to help your baby come out sooner. The tea is believed to tone and strengthen the uterus to produce contractions in the uterus muscles.

7)     Castor oil- Castor oil has been used since centuries to induce labour but in some cases it may also cause vomiting and diarrhoea but confirm with your gynaecologist before taking one

8)     Aloe vera juice- It might not be the best tasting in the list but aloe vera juice works quite well in inducing labour.

9)     Cumin tea- One of the most common spices found in Indian kitchen, cumin aids in digestion and relives you from bloating and also helps to start the menstruation cycle. Cumin tea has also been observed to induce labour. You may drink it with honey to make it taste better.

10)   Green tea- You might have drank green tea before to stay fit but in the late pregnancy it can turn out to be extremely helpful for inducing contractions.

11)   Cinnamon- Brew some cinnamon sticks in water to make a cinnamon tea and drink it to induce contractions.

12)   Dates- Dates have worked for many pregnant women to induce labour. Eating around 5-6 dates every day after 34 weeks of pregnancy will soften the cervix and bring the contractions.

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