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5 Effective Discipline Techniques for Your Pre-Teen

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Is your little one turning into a messy pre-teen with every passing day? Has she been reacting arrogantly, disobeying instructions, and throwing a fit at the drop of a hat? If you nodded along in agreement, here’s a post that’s just for you. Here are 5 Effective Discipline Techniques for Your Pre-Teen.

Have the house rules

Set the rules for your house and make sure she understands and follows them. Keep it clear that contributing to the household chores is not a choice.

Rewards work wonders

Have a behavioral contract with your little one and reward her with extra privileges or gifts if she abides by those and is disciplined.

Use If….Then Statements:

She’s old enough to understand the action-consequence relation, so start using ‘If…then’ statements that will outline the consequences of any unacceptable behavior. This will also help her learn self-discipline.

Be a role-model

She learns from what she sees. So make sure you lead a life that serves as a worthy role-model. Keep your calm even under stressful situations.

The calm approach

Make it a practice and an unwritten rule at home that things get done only when you’re calm. Also make sure you practice this and don’t lose your cool when she isn’t following any of the rules you’ve laid.

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Happy Parenting!

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